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Colonel Valzan

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15.2H 1100 lbs Has been Ranched on! Branded on Valzan and He was Really Good and Drug like a Champ the other Day! Cut cows, Pasture roped, Moved cows & Ridden miles!! Needs Experienced Rider and Needs a Job!! Valzan's pedigree is second to none!! ##Valzan has been ridden by 2 Gals that have used him to calve on and ranch on for 3 weeks+ and more video will be available of them using him.

**** Turned out and got in Jan 4, 2013 and rode off, Wants to Please!! Click to watch Valzan Video.

Colonel Valzan Ima Smart Colonel Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena
Smart Peppy
Colonel O Lena Colonel Freckles
Bessie Olena
Valzanita Whiz San Manz Peppy San
Doc's Manzanita
Dulce Whiz Whiz's Streak
Little Miss Ace
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